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Here is what our customers are saying

Lisa is so great! I saw her a few times at a salon in Centreville and followed her to her new location in Gainesville. I give her a basic idea of what I would like and then she does her magic. I received so many compliments after a cut and highlights this week (look at my profile picture!). I even passed on her business card to a cashier at the grocery store who complimented me. :) Lisa is very talented and confident in her work. She is a very kind person as well. I recommend her 100%! - Click for more

Erica S. - Centreville, VA

Lisa is super nice and friendly! She has been my hair stylist almost two years. I used to travel all the way to Centreville to get my hair done because of her , now I am so glad she is even closer. I love that she cares for her client, simply by remembering my kids' names and asking how the family is doing, these just make me feel warm! She always takes her time to make sure my hair looks nice! That's why I gave her 5 stars! I strongly recommend Lisa. - Click for more

Beang T. - Bristow, VA

I have been going to Lisa Ku for over 15 years now, following her around from salon to salon as she moved workplaces. That is how much I am genuinely satisfied with her skills and character. I can honestly say that she is a talented, one-of-a-kind hairstylist. She has good professionalism and a lovely personality as well. Her technique is also extremely commendable with little to no mistakes. Whenever my son and I walk into her salon, she greets us with a huge smile and warm welcoming. I hope to see her for many years to come and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends as well! - Click for more

Janice J. - Centreville, VA

Lisa is an extremely talented stylist and a lovely person. She fixed a botched hair cut for me nearly two years ago and we began a relationship then. I would not consider having anyone else to cut my hair. My hair is thick and course and it is difficult to find a stylist with the talent to tame it and make me look and feel wonderful. - Click for more

Joyce M. - New Castle, DE

I remember going to Lisa K ever since I was a little boy. She has been my hair stylist for almost my whole life and for good reason. She is kind, good hearted, and definitely adroit when it comes to hair styling. Her technique is spectacular and you can tell she has a passion for hair styling. Lisa observes everything about your head and creates a routine of hair styling specific to your own hair and then she never forgets. Other than her brilliant technique, she is a wonderful person. I don't remember ever seeing her slightly agitated or upset. Every time I see her she manages to make me laugh or smile at least once. She asks about your life and actually converses instead of mindlessly listen. She is an amazing hair stylist and will make you feel confident and/or uplifted every time. - Click for more

Sam C.- Centrville, VA

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